Saturday, May 18, 2013

Malaysia plans to revive public transport to be more like Singapore, Hong Kong

Well-planned land transport network can boost Greater KL area: "While this is a positive aspiration, alarmingly, the masterplan identifies that in recent decades the mode share of land public transport in the morning peak has fallen from 34% in the 1980s to 10%-12% in 2008.

“This share is relatively low compared to other international cities such as Hong Kong at 90%, Singapore at 63%, and London at 55%."

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cars are a bad way to move people

Public transport system transformation heads for better quality of life: "To illustrate this point, in order to move 50,000 people per hour, in one direction it would require a road 175m wide flowing with cars. If you used buses instead, you would need a road only 35m wide and a smaller 9m wide track for a metro or rail-based transportation.

So, if one moves away from the thinking of increasing the number of vehicles to move people and start thinking about moving people instead, they would see the true value of building a good public transport network along with all of the other positive benefits to the environment."