Sunday, October 27, 2013

South-East Asian capitals need more anti-traffic champs

This picture taken on Oct 22 shows motorists trapped in a rush hour gridlock in Jakarta. (AFP Photo)
Bangkok Post: news: "South-East Asia's congested capitals could use more anti-traffic champions such as Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo. When the Indonesian government gave tax breaks on low-cost "green cars" in June, Mr Widodo opposed the policy, saying it would sabotage his efforts to solve the city's chronic traffic problem."

Cars choking Jakarta - #publictransit very poor quality

Yahoo!7: "Resorting to the web is an act of desperation for drivers in the megacity of 10 million, branded the world's most unpleasant place to commute in a 2011 survey by consultancy Frost and Sullivan.

...Attempts by city authorities to reduce the number of vehicles, such as doubling the parking price, have largely proved ineffective. The latest initiative has seen officials deployed to let down the tyres of illegally parked cars and motorbikes.

Public transport, which mostly consists of run-down buses belching toxic black smoke and overloaded trains and minibuses, has proved an unattractive option for a fast-growing middle class that can now afford cars."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cost of Jakarta traffic congestion estimated at USD 1 billion per year

Analysis Eurasia Review: "Concerns over traffic congestion are not without basis. Traffic congestion in Jakarta, usually during peak hours and the rainy season, has generated roughly US$ 1 billion loss per year. The figures comprise time value, fuel consumption and health costs. Since most of the vehicles use subsidised fuel, it also increases fuel imports that could threaten Indonesia’s energy security while incurring a trade deficit and increasing dependency on foreign oil supplies."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Penang Hop On Free Central Area Transit (CAT)

Penang Hop On Free Central Area Transit (CAT): "Visitors to Penang can now enjoy a bus ride within George Town, the UNESCO World Heritage City, for FREE.

The Hop On Free Central Area Transit (CAT) ply the route between Weld Quay Jetty and Komtar on 15-minute intervals from 6am-12midnight.

Exploring the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage City has never been this convenient now with 19 CAT stops in between all the famous heritage landmarks of Penang!"

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thai Govt To Issue 'Free Transport Pass' For The Poor

Khaosod Online: "Although Mr. Chatchart said he would renew the program for another 6 months, he acknowledged that the scheme "did not pose the right answer to ease the burden of low-income earners".

He pointed out that under the current program the free buses do not run in every route, and well-off passengers and foreign tourists can also take advantage of the program, whereas the intention of the program is to specifically help the poorer population."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bangkok extends free bus and 3rd-class rail program for another 6 months

Cabinet extends free third-class bus and train travel scheme | Bangkok Post: breakingnews: "The cabinet on Tuesday approved the extension of limited free travel on city buses and third-class trains for another six months, to help offset the rising cost of living, reports said.

The extension is from Oct 1 to March 31, 2014.

The free bus travel is provided by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), with 800 ordinary buses per day on 73 routes in the capital city and nearby provinces.

Some third-class carriages on interprovincial trains are also designated for free travel."

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