Monday, October 29, 2018

In Kuala Lumpur, 65,000 per day ride fare-free buses

The GoKL bus allows public transport users and tourists to travel to various places around Kuala Lumpur.
GoKL has an average daily ridership of 65,000 passengers with 40 buses servicing its four lines.
The first two lines, Purple and Green Lines, were came into operations in September 2012, while the Red and Blue Lines were introduced in May 2014.
Loke added that GoKL is popular as it is free and provides convenience for people to move around the city.
“Based on a survey last year, 60 per cent of GoKL users are locals while the remaining 40 per cent are foreign workers and tourists.
“We hope that the service will be continued for free or at a minimal fee,” said the minister.