Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Malaysia - high fares not good for public transport

Towards better public transport | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News: " A word of caution is necessary. Success of the network to enhance the economy will depend on affordability. Threats of fare increase on a regular basis do little to endear the system to those who need it most. On economics alone to be the criteria, fares of a system costing billions are unfair on consumers whose contribution to economic growth and development is indisputable. After all, there can be no burdening of consumers who vote with their feet.

A just and fair fare structure must be formulated. A strong sense of social responsibility for what is essentially a public utility is unavoidable. The government cannot absolve itself of financial responsibility for the upkeep of the rail network especially. It is an economic infrastructure necessity and the fares must, therefore, reflect this fact. --"

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