Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Malaysia, fuel price hikes as usual, accompanied by empty promises of more public transport

Revisiting a nightmare | Free Malaysia Today: "Many ordinary citizens interviewed by the press accused the BN government of habitually reneging on its promise to improve the public transport system, which it would repeat every time it announced an increase in fuel prices.
“Now it is time to make the government accountable,” said an anonymous commentator. “Our government should show transparency and accountability by making available to the Malaysian public an annual expenditure report to be tabled in Parliament which shows how the savings of RM3.3 billion or RM4.4 billion were being spent.
“Malaysians are tired of listening to empty promises and sweeping claims and justifications. We want every sen accountable by the government.”
But little has changed even now. Today, with a new hike in fuel prices, we are hearing practically the same words again from the government."

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