Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Go-KL free buses a big success -- helping the economy

Najib: Malaysia set to meet 2020 targets | theSundaily: "On urban public transport, he said, there was now better connectivity within the city and between nearby municipalities so that people can choose public transport over other modes.

"One of the GTP 2.0 initiatives is the free Go-KL city bus service introduced in 2012 which helps 18,000 rakyat daily get around the central business district thus decongesting city roads during peak hours," he said.

The new six-car sets for the KTM Komuter service have also helped to improve the waiting time from 30-45 minutes to 15 minutes. Other improvements include better integration of transport modes, where commuters can use more than one mode of public transport, with minimal hassle."

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