Sunday, March 6, 2016

穿梭4地区免费载客 和谐巴士月中试跑

2016年03月04日 南洋网: "(古来3日讯)掌管柔佛州房屋及地方政府事务的行政议员拿督阿都拉帝班迪透露,州政府以1100万令吉在4地方政府推动一项免费“柔佛和谐”巴士服务,料在本月中旬试跑,计划在4月由柔佛州务大臣主持开幕仪式。

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  1. I am 100% at your back for this road safety forum you are having. It's a great way of instilling to the people the value of safety when on the road and thus, preventing any accidents from happening. In our country, the rate of minor road accidents seems to rise so this forum would be helpful especially if attended by people mainly using the road for transportation.