Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reclaiming our streets: Towards sustainable transport

The Malay Mail Online: "The government should invest to build up the public transport system and then use education, zoning regulations and price mechanisms to discourage private transport and decongest our roads and cities.

The development of the public transport system should be financed by the government as this would ensure it is affordable.

The public transport system should be disabled-friendly as well as senior citizen-friendly.

The public transport system should be run as democratic non-profit trusts on a regional basis, with the participation of elected members of the local communities, transport workers and local government.

A bus-based public transport system should be improved and promoted as it is much cheaper and faster to implement than MRTs.

The discouraging of private cars and the creation of a network of dedicated bus lanes in our cities should be a key strategy of the transport plan for our country.

Peoples’ participation in determining the future of public transport in Malaysia should be encouraged."

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