Monday, December 9, 2013

The Malaysia that could have been

Free Malaysia Today: "Fallacy number 3: An impression of ease in transit in and around our capital city. If ever there was a plague in the Klang Valley, I would call it the “caronic plague,” in which the non-ownership of a car or personal mode of transport can be deemed handicapping or even paralyzing, depending on where one lives. As a non-owner of a car myself, and as such as a frequent rider of public transport, I can vouch with certainty how primitive our public transport system is compared to the other world-class cities I’ve lived in before.
Yes, buses can be delayed due to the rampant traffic jams in and around our capital, but if they were efficient and passenger-friendly to begin with, why the increasing need for cars and thus jams in the first place? And yes, the lack of proper route maps in every bus stop, vicinity maps in every railway station and visible signboards along every street serve even to confuse me whenever I venture out into a new area in the Klang Valley, all the more foreigners."

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